Tomb of Shah Ali Akbar & His Mother, Multan

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Tomb of Shah Ali Akbar’s mother, Sura Miana.
Muslim Religious 16th Century A.D.
0.06 Acres (11M).
No. 232, dated: 29-03-1911.
Under Antiquity Act 1975.


The rectangular vaulted brick tomb was erected, according to the local tradition by the Ismaili Saint Sultan Ali Akbar. The un-usual structure displays a deviation from the main stream of Multan’s tomb architecture. Built in brick, it has been embellished with panels of glazed tiles, three arched panels in each side surmounted with a series of merlons placed on bold moldings, while the lower part of the building is plastered in lime. The interior is decorated with panels of fresco paintings. No date of the construction of the tomb or the demise of the lady is recorded on the body of the tomb. However, if the tradition is to be accepted as correct, it may be attributed to the 17th century A.D.