Restoration & Conservations

Restorations  and  conservations  of   monuments,  sites  as well as  antiquities  and museums  objects,  is a responsibility  that  has been  taken  by  the  department .  by taking  befitting  steps  of conservations   and  restorations   department  ensure  the  safety  and  security  of  the  archaeological   remains  and  antiquities,  making  them  presentable  to the  visitor  and the  community.  Department  has services of  qualified  engineers, architects  and other skilled  staff  for the  restorations  and conservations  of  structural  remains  and  buildings .  A fully  equipped  archaeological  laboratory  is  well  in place  at  Lahore  fort   for  the chemical  treatment  and  restorations of  antiquities, piece of arts and  coins etc.  Analysis of various material used for the conservation work is also done in laboratory. During the past years major emphatic was given to the conservation of historical monuments in dilapidated condition to preserve the for positivity. In this respect technical assistance has also been provided to other departments like Auqaf, Archaeological libraries, local government etc to preserve the historical monuments in their control.  Directorate General of Archaeology  so far  restore  and  conserve  more   than  85  monuments  in  Punjab.