Tomb of Qutab-ud-Din Aibak, Anarkali Bazar Lahore


(Aibak road, lahore)

Archaeological Site
Protected Under: 
Antiquities Act, 1975

Qutab-ud-Din Aibk, the first Sultan of India and founder of Khandan-e- Ghulaman( Dynasty of Slaves) as well as successor of Shahab-ud-Din Ghori  died as result of fall from horse while playing Chaugan (polo) in 1210 A.D. and buried in the area outside Lahori/ Lohari gate now known as Anarkali Bazar. At the time of his death this area was an open ground most likely used as playing ground for Chaugan. According to British period historical accounts there was a marble tomb which was pulled down by Ranjit Singh and then in British period a specific area surrounded with a wall for protection. The Department of Archaeology and Museums, Pakistan built the present tomb over the grave in 1990, by acquiring two houses around the grave. At present the tomb building is in a very good state of conservation.

The tomb is built in Central Asian style also given some touches of local architectural traditions. Main square building is constructed on a platform, a three step staircase is provided to enter in the tomb. Walls of the tomb around the entrance are decorated with brilliant calligraphic work by Hafiz Muhammad Yousaf Sadeedi, a reputed scriber of present times.