PattanMinara, Rahimyar Khan District


Archaeological Site
Protected Under: 
Antiquities Act, 1975


The general consensus is that Pattan Munara was built during the Hakra Civilization of the Mauryan Period (250 BC). The only piece of ancient architecture in the midst of these ruins is a tower which stood in the centre of four similar but smaller towers all forming a Buddhist monastery. The four towers which were joined to the central tower at its upper story existed in a dilapidated condition. At present one story of the tower is standing, but traditions assert that it has three storys. Pattan Minara’s surrounding structure were so dilapidated that Bahadur Khan Halani ordered for them to be demolished in 1740 A.D.

Present Condition

Conservation/Restoration of the monument has been completed by the Archaeology Department in 2010. Currently physical condition of the monument is neat & clean.

Decorative Features.

Special size tiles are used in masonry work. Cut dress brick work is appealing at the exterior side. On Exterior top of the monument Corner Brick carving could be also seen. Indian red stone is fixed on each corner of the ground floor. In the interior side Cut dress brick work in layers could be also seen in good condition.