Baradari and Samadh of Maharaja Sher Singh, Kot Khawaja Saeed, Lahore


(Kot khawaja saeed, lahore)

Archaeological Site
Protected Under: 
Antiquities Act, 1975

History of Monument

The site and monument known as Sher Singh’s smadh and baradari, are located in the close vicinity of shrine Hazrat Shah Bilawal, 1046 AH/1636 AD, popularly know Bilore/ Bilol Shah. This site, on the bank of the Ravi River once was inhabited by the saint, who established a Khanqah (monastery) in the midst of a garden full of flowering and fruit trees and a hauz (tank). Due to the changing course of the river Ravi, part of the enclosure wall swept away. With intentions to save from the flooding Ravi, Maharaja Ranjit Singh ordered to shift the body of Shah Bilawal and buried in its present shrine. Maharaja Sher Singh, the son of Ranjit Singh, after making necessary alterations and additions used the place as one of his favorite summer houses on the bank of river Ravi. Sher Singh was killed here accidentally by a gun exploded when he was checking that. 

Facilities Available

To find the actual building one has to walk through the zigzag streets and close knit residential houses, All kinds of transport is available while other facilities are easily available at Shah Bilawal shrine.