Haveli Nau-Nihal Singh, inside Bhati Gate, Lahore


(inside bhati gate)

Archaeological Site
Protected Under: 
Antiquities Act, 1975

The Haveli (Mansion) of Maharaja Nau-Nehal Singh son of Maharaja Kharak Singh is located inside Bhati Gate, Lahore.  It was built by Maharaja Nau Nehal Singh as his private residence in 1840 AD. This lofty and magnificent Haveli is considered to be one of the only Sikh era haveli that preserves its original ornamentation and architecture.  The Haveli is rectangular in shape with its entrance on the western side.  The entire facade of the building is decorated with fresco paintings in the mature Kangra style. The ornamentation is the fine combination of Islamic, Hindu and Sikh faith. The building has four stories and a basement. The fourth storey consist only one small room known as Rang Mahal (Colour Palace) also mentioned as Shish Mahal (Mirror Palace). Presently it is owned and maintained by Education Department, Punjab.