Exploration & Excavation

Exploration   and excavation  is  one  of  the  main  functions  of the  department  of  archaeology,  Punjab. perceptively,  excavations  and conducted  to find out  or expose  the  artifacts,  relics  and  structures  of bygone   cultures  through  a  systematic  and organized  digging  and expert  surveying   methodology  for knowing  and  assessing  the archaeological   potential of a site  and value of an   ancient/historical  monuments  in excavation  the department of archaeology  has  been consistently,  by  engaging  a team of  well trained officers  and officials complemented  with require tools  and skilled staff,  conducting  explorations and excavations  for the organization. There are a number of  excavations  and explorations  on the credit of department of archaeology,  resultantly  many of the important  sides  and monuments  has been anticipated  and  enlisted