Smadh of BhaiWasti Ram, outside Lahore Fort

Name of Site/Monument               Samadh of Bhai Wasti Ram
Name of District                           Lahore.
Type / Category                            II.
Character and Date / Period          Sikh Period (1799-1839 A.D)
Owned and maintained by             Government (O.G.A).
Location/Area                               1 Kanal 10 Marla’s.
Notification No / Dated                   No. F.4-81/56-E-VI, dated: 26-07-1960.
Protected                                     Under Antiquity Act 1975.
Whether demarcated                     Yes   


This Samadh is situated adjacent to the wall of the Old Fort, Lahore, on its north. Bhai Vasti Ram was the Spiritual guide of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. The Samadh, which is entirely built in marble is a beautiful architectural specimen and unique monument of the 19th century (Sikh Period). At present it is occupied by same displaced persons. Its enclosure wall has almost disappeared.