Baoli and Mosque, JandialaSher Khan, Sheikhupura

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Jandiala Sher Khan, Boali and Mosque
Muslim Secular
Government (D.A.P.)
(22K – 15M).
No. F.5-2/76-AD/(AI), dated: 04-12-1977.
Under Antiquity Act 1975.

Jandiala a village situated about 10 miles north-west of Sheikhupura was a camping ground during Mughal period. Emperor Jahangir has recorded several visits to it in his Memoirs. A recent exploratory visit to the village has revealed existence of a boali with a mosque and three tomb’s all belonging to Mughal period.

The Baoli and the mosque located on the north western fringe of the village were constructed by Sher Khan, who was one of the nobles of Akbar, the Great. This view is supported by a Persian inscription  carved on a sand stone measuring 34 ½” long and 28 ½” wide and fixed on the inner arch of the interior of the Baoli. Recently the inscription has been removed from its original place and deposited in Lahore Museum, Lahore. According to the inscription Sher Khan built the said Baoli and mosque during the time of Akbar on the behest of a saint namely Syed-e-Ghaznvi. The inscription written in Nastaliq characters gives the date of its construction as 976 A.H.i.e. 1568 A.D.

The Baoli is square in plan with 9 days in three aisles. The central day of the central aisle housed the well approached through a stepped access from north, the inscription was fixed on the north face of the arched opening leading to the well.

In the thickness of the wall, on either side of the stepped entrance are flight of steps leading to the roof of the Baoli. Similar flight of steps on either side of the roof is crowned with five kiosks, one at each corner and the fifth one which is bigger in size in the centre of the roof. Each kiosks is octagonal in plan with an arched opening in each side and crowned by a low dome with an inverted lotus for holding the finial. The boali at Jandiala is an out-standing specimen of Baoli architecture in Pakistan. It is in advanced stage of decay and the southern balf has already collapsed. The masonry in the remaining portion has also been undermined and is hanging in precarious condition.

Adjacent of the Baoli on the south-eastern side are located the remains of a mosque, probably built along with the Baoli. The three day in sanctuary has a vaulted passage on either side of the central day. The domes over central and the northern bays have collapsed. This feature also exists in Badshahi Mosque, Lahore, where on either side of the high vault leading to the central bay of the mosque, has a vaulted passage on each side thus connecting the outer bay of the prayer chamber. The mosque appears to be three domes structure as the dome of the southern bay still exists. The mosque is in ruined state.