Antiquity Trade Control

Department  of  archaeology  also control the  illegal  design  of  archeological  site, smuggling, trafficking  and  illicit  trading  of antiquities,  encroachments  in and  on  historical  sites  and  momentum  as  well as take  custody  of confiscated  assignments of  artifacts  of  antiquarian  value, etc.  Antiquities  act  (amended) 2012,  in this  regard  is  the  major  legal  tool for the department to  bring  the  culprits  to  the task .  A number  of cases  against  encroachers, treasure hunters,  illegal  diggers  and  antiquity  smugglers  are  being  contested  by  the  department  in various  courts  of  law  under  the  maneuver  of  said act.