Allama Iqbal Museum


Allama Iqbal Museum is established in Javed Manzil, which is the last residence of the philosopher, thinker and poet of the east Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal after spending his last 3 years (1935-38) of his life he lost his breath on 21st April, 1938 in this house. Javed Manzil was built on about 7 kanals of land spending Rs. 42025/- under the supervision of Allama Iqbal’s elder brother Sheikh Atta Muhammad, keeping in view the significance of this house it was converted into historical house museum housing the relics and belongings of Allama Iqbal. The house was protected and declared as National Monument in 1977 under Federal Government Act Antiquities Act, 1973. This house museum consist upon 08 Galleries and foyer used for display. In first three galleries original manuscripts, certificates, letters and documents are on display. Very first editions of various books of Allama Iqbal are exhibited in fourth Gallery. Fifth Gallery houses models of important buildings and photographs. The objects of Allama’s daily use especially dresses are displayed in various showcases in 6th Gallery. Remaining 3 galleries are actually three rooms those were under Iqbal’s during his last days. Gallery 7 is bed room, 08 is drawing room and 09 is dining room, all these rooms have the same arrangements  of fixtures and furniture as those were during the Allama Iqbal’s lifetime. At present 278 items are on display in the museum while 217 objects are in reserve. The museum collection contains letters, manuscripts, documents, books, photographs, welcome addresses educational certificates, dresses, furniture, crockery, medals, awards, and other miscellaneous objects relating to Allama Iqbal’s life and history.

Present Condition (Exterior & Interior)
Building is in good state of preservation and well maintained. During current year 2015-16 funds are allocated for some major repairs and developments of the monument.

Decorative motives/important features

Javed Manzil is a late period colonial building, devoid of any significant decorative features and architectural elements. Most prominent is portico visible from the present front on the main road.
Facilities Available

Javed Manzil, Allama Iqbal Museum is located on the main Allama Iqbal road, which leads from railway station to the main Garhi Shahu Chowk, All kinds of transport from all areas of the city to access the monument. All public utilities are available in the surroundings of the monument. A project has been started for the establishment of good standard canteen, an auditorium and a library.

Museum Timings:

01st October to 31st March
09:00AM to 04:00 PM

08:30AM to 12:00 noon
(break from 12:00 noon to 02:30PM)
02:30PM to 05:00PM
Wednesday is holiday